Photo: Pixabay

Pilots urgently landed the plane in just a few minutes with a height of almost 10 thousand meters.

The Chinese pilot skillfully crash-landed the plane because of the broken glass, rescued the passengers. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred with the aircraft of the Chinese airline Ruili Airlines on flight from the Chinese city XI’an to Kunming.

The Boeing 738 was in the air for half an hour when the crew noticed cracks in the windshield. At this point the aircraft was at an altitude of 9.4 thousand meters.

The extra pilots initiated emergency landing and headed to the airport in Chongqing. The airliner began to slow down and six minutes decreased to a height of 3.8 thousand meters.

The pilots successfully landed the plane in a matter of minutes, anybody from passengers and members of crew has not suffered.

Presumably, the cracks appeared on the glass due to the failure of anti-icing system.

Earlier it was reported that the passenger installed in airplane tent for COVID-19. Also the Correspondent wrote that lived 100 days in the airport the tourist is late for the flight.

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