SK Russia: destruction on Board the An-148 in the air was not

The investigators found that the destruction on Board crashed in the suburbs of An-148 aircraft in the air was not, the explosion occurred upon impact of the liner on the ground. About this informed the official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko.

Photo: Reuters

“It is established that at the moment of impact the aircraft was in integrity, without the fire. The explosion occurred after the fall of the plane,” she said.

Found two “black boxes”

Two “black box” discovered at the crash site of the Antonov An-148 in the suburbs.

“On the spot discovered and speech and parametrical recorders”, — reported in POPPY.

The recorders are badly damaged, but, according to preliminary data, useful for interpretation. Currently, they are transported to the lab oratory.

“The opening of the boxes will occur immediately after they will be transported to the lab. Their condition and suitability for transcripts can be assessed already in the evening”, — added in the Commission.

The Plane Crash Of An-148

Passenger plane An-148 has stopped communicating and disappeared from radar a few minutes after departure from Domodedovo airport in the afternoon on Sunday, February 11. On Board were 71 people, including crew members. They all died. According to the latest transmitted data is displayed on the website Flightradar24, the plane was flying at a speed of 614 km/h at an altitude of 990 m.

The debris found near the village Stepanovski Ramensky district of Moscow region. The diameter of spread was 1 km.

As the main versions of the disaster, Russia’s Investigative Committee is considering weather conditions, human factor and the technical condition of the aircraft.

The time of the crash caught on surveillance camera in a private home.

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