The newly appointed adviser to the national security Council Secretary Sergey Sivoho finally went to work. In his Facebook it is reported that during the visiting session of the Committee on human rights, de-occupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories “got the nuts” Ministry of social policy and Minot. According to Sivoho, pensioners who live in the occupied zone should not stand in queues at checkpoints every two months to withdraw their money. The second issue that was discussed at the meeting, is “discrimination and outright humiliation of immigrants” constant checks and monitoring how they stayed in Ukraine,” says Larissa Voloshin for the Day.

Lower that this sentence indirectly indicates that pan EA have not quite figured out within the borders of their own state. Pay attention to the other. “We must create comfortable conditions for our citizens who live on both sides of the line of differentiation”, — he wrote. Well. To kick officials — a noble cause. Especially in the eyes of the eternally dissatisfied electorate. But pan Sivoho and he is now official. So what, in his view, should be the policy of the state regarding the occupied territories?

Many suspect that we are talking about the transfer of social benefits directly into banking institutions “L/DNR”. In fact we do not know whether the planned cooperation between the Ukrainian state “pension funds”, which have formed gangs. But let’s assume that simplification, which says the ban EA is nothing but a payment directly into uncontrolled territory. This is regularly called on Ukraine, Russia and Pro-Russian politicians in the country. Imagine that this happened.

Novoschepnoy war over Ukraine did not work

Would that not make Donetsk pensioners easy prey for Russian mercenaries who arrived at the Donbass for the closing of a consumer loan or reward 500-1000 dollars fighting? If the state will start to pay pensions directly into the occupied zone, and even extend the verification, who can guarantee that in a year a person simply did not will kill, taking away his pension card? The self-proclaimed “States”? Their “law enforcement”?

The absurdity of the situation is that people without a state of mind just is not able to perceive the state as a guarantor of security for all its citizens. Human to throw money into a black hole, a lawless zone seems to them attractive from the viewpoint of improving the image of “defenders of the poor and the needy”. And the fact that it immediately put these people at the mercy of the bandits, is the “saints of virtue” does not bother.

A lot of you hear reports of “courts” in Donetsk or Lugansk? What code there is judged whether there is the legal profession, who provide at least declarative rights and freedoms? In reports of the UN Committee for refugees reported regularly about the trials, which Ukrainian citizens confiscated housing. Many of you have heard the stories of the victims from the gang of self-will in the air of Ukrainian TV channels? Disappeared mention of the cellars, torture, murder, executions on orders from field leaders like Girkin-strelkov.

Novatianus and the Crimea is not yet possible to integrate

In the imagination of ordinary Ukrainians, like Russians, like the inhabitants of the occupied Donbass the only “trouble” was the non-payment by Ukraine of pensions directly through the branches of the “national” banks. “Wines of Ukraine” is artificially generated propaganda construct. It is fully embossed from the mass consciousness the idea of danger to life, health, safety and property of the Ukrainian citizens is the occupation of separate districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

It seems that we have witnessed a good information sabotage the RAID. There has been a shift of guilt from the aggressor to the victim. Therefore, the requirements Sivoho is only the final stage in which the pseudo-human rights discourse turns into principles of state policy. Today any information about the intolerable conditions of occupation, if it appears, is used as an additional argument to force Ukraine to make concessions. But that’s cheating. For the present problem solution state is not just supposed to return to humanistic values and to make a real care about the person the basis for all political decisions.

It must cease to imitate. To pay to build, facilitate and develop you need here and not there. Ukraine should take care of the programs of evacuation of all who has a desire to leave the area ruled by bandits with weapons. For a country that respects itself, should be unacceptable to its citizens remained in mortal danger just because of the fact that they have nowhere to go. And that means you have to stop to simulate the processes and begin to speak frankly about the causes. Pan Sivoho, if he really wanted to help pensioners occupied ORDO should start calling a spade a spade.

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