Photo: Instagram/onukaofficial Boy named Alexander

A famous singer first became a mother. Already known gender and name a newborn baby.

The soloist of the Ukrainian folk band ONUKA Natalia Zhizhchenko gave birth to first child. The baby was born on may 14. About this singer said in his Instagram.

“Today we have four,” wrote 35-year-old actress posted a black-and-white photograph she, her husband, the producer, the musician, the frontman of The Maneken Eugene Filatov and dog pair.

Under the post Natalia a first left a comment her husband.

“Thank you for your son,” wrote Filatov.

“Anything for you,” replied the young mother and put an Emoji in the shape of a heart.

It is reported that the child the couple decided to call Alexander.

Adding that Natalia Zhizhchenko and Eugene Filatov officially registered their relationship in the summer of 2016.

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We vzhe sogodni four ❤it’s amazing

Publication of ONUKA (@onukaofficial) 14 May 2020 6:03 PDT

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