Siemens re-suing for turbine

Photo: manzal.livejournal.com

The details of the claim have not been disclosed.

Joint venture of Siemens and Power machines company filed a lawsuit to the arbitration court to a subsidiary of Rostec’s Technopromexport. Last bought the turbines from Siemens for construction in annexed Crimea , Meduza reported.

The claim of Siemens gas turbine technology to JSC and JSC Technopromexport was still lodged on 8 September. The details of the claim have not been disclosed.

Company the company acquired in 2015 four Siemens gas turbine. It was announced that turbine intended for the power plant under construction in Taman, but by the summer of 2017, the equipment was in occupied Crimea, although European companies, including Siemens, current sanctions prohibit the supply to the Crimea the equipment for the power industry.

The wound media revealed the scheme of supply of turbines by Siemens in the Crimea.

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