Photo: a frame from the video

A teenage girl tried to shoot a video for the social network, but got stuck in a baby swing and couldn’t get free.

The blogger tried to make a video for TikTok on a seesaw and had to ask for help from rescuers. A curious video appeared on the YouTube channel SWNS.

The incident occurred with 14-year-old girl from the UK. She was swinging on the swings intended for children up to four years, taking videos. When the teenager tried to get up, it turned out that she was stuck.

The mother of the blogger and her neighbors tried to free the girl, but were forced to call a team of rescuers. Firefighters removed the seat of the swing, and then smeared the girl’s feet with liquid dishwashing.

The mother of a teenager said that in his youth was also stuck in a swing as her daughter. Also, the woman supported the daughter, noting that she now just become popular at the local fire station.

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