Shocking show by Elvira Gavrilova in the framework of Odessa Fashion Week 2017

This Monday (9 October) hosted the closing ceremony of one of the main events of the fashion industry in Ukraine – Odessa Fashion Week 2017. Ukrainian brands and foreign designers took part in a professional fashion week, which is already the 6th season serves as a platform for their development.

Through these projects, aspiring fashion designers have the opportunity to feel the professional principles of fashion week. The programme of the autumn Odessa Fashion Week consisted of 5 days, during which was shown the clothes of Ukrainian designers and foreign designers, they have also organized performances of stars of show business.

The design of women’s clothing from EG: features of the new collection

One of the key roles played by promising Ukrainian womenswear designer Elvira Gavrilova, presented a new collection Autumn/Winter 17-18 shocking way. On the stage you could see a battle of knights in armor, and when came to the podium model, we’ve lost the gift of speech, and their faces were hidden under the dark veil of fabric and sequins. This idea turned the viewers ‘ attention to the clothing design and not on the girls face. If we describe the model briefly, it is the quintessence of sexuality, beauty and femininity. Designer-fashion designer admitted: “the Names in the title of each skirts, blouses, dresses and costume is not a simple fiction. To create each model from the new line I was inspired by a single woman, whose name was given this or that thing”.

Fashion designer Elvira Gavrilova

The runway was bought 3 dresses. And later it turned out that the brand will once again be on stage — but this time on the charming host of the event! Clothes from Ukrainian designer is characterized by its versatility, because among the variety of images in a directory is possible EG to find a suitable look for young girls, handsome women, as well as for more Mature ladies. Not to mention the presence of a child’s collection. Womens designer clothes are available on the website in luxury lookbook.

Elvira Gavrilova on OFW 2017

That is to say, in Ukraine is not enough to take bold decisions and such flashy performances! New collection Elvira Gavrilova does not focus only on the luxury segment. Although, dresses are sequined, glittering costumes and seductive mini hardly anyone left indifferent! A new line from Elvira Gavrilova also focuses on businesswomen and women who want to look elegant. Light fabrics, transparent blouses, skirts MIDI and Maxi, as well as the silhouette of the dress — every wardrobe musthave. Remember, fashion is one in which you feel feminine and desirable!

Dress “Robert”

How to conquer fashion Olipm

A fashion designer, said that advocates for cooperation both with Ukrainian and foreign investors. Franchise Elvira Gavrilova is already available in Italy, Vietnam, UAE and Poland, not to mention the major cities of Ukraine.

For such a rapid development of the fashion brand, according to Elvira Gavrilova, has influenced not only the personal qualities and confidence in their abilities. Experience in an international financial company gave the opportunity to look at a creative field from a different angle and opened up opportunities for business promotion. We attribute this to the root causes of such a stunning success.

On the other hand, a fashion designer updating its collection 5-6 times a year, carrying its brand to the “quick fashion”. Falling under each wave of the uptrend, it provides Ukrainian fashionistas what they want. However, in his manner unchanged: promoting the aesthetics of femininity, helping women become self-sufficient without losing the natural charm.


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