Shenderovich no One asked cultural workers whether they want to become prostitutes. No, why so rude?

Shenderovich: In the event of failure because they can and razor in the eyes, isn’t it?

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The Russian writer Viktor Shenderovich commented on his page on Faceook broad support for the nomination of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new presidential term.

“New list of figures of science, culture and other art, the usual jamb went to the Trustees of our Mugabe, reminded me of a story one of my friend. Friend this is very effective, it is necessary to notice that the girl was seen at a party a middle-aged and very well-known oligarch of Putin’s state of the spill. And invited to dinner”, – he wrote.

According to the writer, the girl out of curiosity, accepted the invitation.

“And here they had dinner, had dinner, and then the girl went to the toilet, and there, in the toilet, found in her handbag, which appeared from nowhere a hefty roll of hundred-dollar bills. Instead of explaining in love, so to speak. That culture, I say to you, the same technology,” he explained.

Shenderovich said that the power to buy “love” of culture.

“Nobody asked: dear man of culture, do you want to become a prostitute? No, why so rude? Just in your “purse” suddenly found the rolls of dough (state support, orders, awards, new theatre building, foundations, estimates). And reciprocal affection are assumed by default. And even desirable sincere. Moreover, in case of refusal, they in fact can and a razor in the eyes, isn’t it?” – he concluded.

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Posted by Виктор Шендерович on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Presidential elections in Russia held on March 18. The desire to participate in the race said 67 candidates, including the incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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