Scientists have proven the effects of video games on the sexual life of men

Photo: From open sources video games are harmful to men’s health

The stress of the games eventually leads to loss of sexual desire.

Men, conducting the games at least an hour a day, have longer sexual acts, but gradually lose sexual attraction. This writes the Daily Mail, citing a study by Italian scientists from the University of Sapienza who watched the 396 men ranging in age from 18 to 50 years.

As the researchers note, due to the fact that the sexual desire of gamers are lower than the rest of the men.

“Although video games are fun, overreliance on them can have serious consequences for the intimate life of men. It can be assumed that the pressures of the game leads to loss of sexual desire,” said the study’s lead author Andrea Sansone.

Scientists say that the gamers during the games increases the level of dopamine (pleasure hormone), causing the pleasure from the proximity seems no longer so bright. However, some games have a more detrimental effect than others.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously in Japan decided to introduce the days of abstinence children from video games. The authorities hope that this will motivate children to devote more time to live communication with relatives and friends.

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