SBU conducted a controlled delivery of suitcases with cocaine to Israel to expose smugglers

Photo: BEZPEKA Service of Ukraine / Facebook

The staff of management on fight against corruption and organized crime of security Service of Ukraine together with Israeli colleagues conducted a special operation to expose and eliminate international channel of smuggling of cocaine, announced 20 March, the press service of the SBU in Facebook.

At the end of 2018, the investigators of the Ukrainian security services received information on the functioning of the channel smuggling of cocaine from Panama to Israel in transit through the territory of Ukraine. It was found that the drugs are transported by plane hidden in the double walls of the Luggage of the couriers. The drug trafficking was organized by the citizens of Israel and Ukraine.

Couriers receive $1 thousand to $4 thousand for a flight. Conspiracy the attackers used for transportation of goods of different couriers, one was delivering the cocaine from Panama to Ukraine, others – sent him to Israel.

SBU and Israeli security services found that at the end of December 2018 to Panama should fly another drug traffickers to deliver cocaine to Ukraine. They should be back in early January 2019, but the organizers of the channel of smuggling several times changed the date of departure.

In mid-January 2019 at Boryspil international airport was visited by two citizens of Ukraine who traveled under the guise of the couple and carried in the double walls of a suitcase around 3.5 kg of cocaine. The courier was supposed to hand the suitcase over to his brother.

To expose all those involved, intelligence agencies conducted an international controlled delivery of a suitcase of cocaine to Israel.

“As a result of controlled delivery, in which the suitcase has three times changed its owners in Ukraine, Israel arrested five people, including the organizers of the channel of smuggling”, – reported in SBU.

In Ukraine and Israel continued operational-investigative actions for accountability of all involved.

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Posted by The Security Service of Ukraine on Wednesday, March 20, 2019