Three journalists of TV channel “1+1” are searched

Photo: / Telegram

The security service of Ukraine conducts house searches at two current and one former journalist of TV channel “1+1”. About 5 February, reports “24 channel”.

In particular, the demonstrations of journalists of the program “Secret materials” Dennis Danko, Eugene and kuksina. As the media says, Danko said that the police seized his three drives, heating system unit, tablet and laptop. However, the mobile journalist did not take.

Kuksin in comments to journalists added that investigators seized from the office at his computer. Also, police demanded that he gave the device, which allegedly carried out the audition of the Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

In addition, the head of the Department of journalistic projects, “1+1”, Maksym shylenko told that the police came with a search warrant for journalist Alexander Nizovtsev, who no longer works at the channel. About searches Nizovtseva also said the MP from the “Servants of the people” Alexander Dubinsky in Telegram.

The evening of 5 January in the media appeared information about the searches in the building of the TV channel “1+1”. Later, information about the searches was confirmed by the SBU, saying that they are not related to the activity of the channel.

TSN reported that investigative activities are carried out at the workplaces of journalists of the program “Groshi”. The channel assumes that the searches are connected with “critical program”. The people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Alexander Dubinsky, who previously worked in the project “Nashi Groshi,” he told TSN that the secret service is looking for a recording device, with which the journalist Evgeniy Kuksin allegedly recorded a meeting with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk.

15-16 Jan YouTube channel “How to deceive the President” published audio recordings of conversations that allegedly took place between Goncharuk, the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliam and his Deputy Ekaterina Rozhkova. The man with the voice like the voice Goncharuk, on the record admitted that he was “a complete ignoramus in the economy,” and President Vladimir Zelensky “a very primitive understanding of economic processes”.

The President of Ukraine on January 17, instructed the law enforcement authorities two weeks to find out who is involved in the emergence of “films Goncharuk”.

Wiretapping in the Cabinet of Goncharuk is being investigated by the SBU.

On 17 January the Prime Minister said that he wrote his resignation and handed it to the President with the right to propose to the Parliament to “remove any doubts in respect and trust to the head of state”. Goncharuk explained that the letter of resignation, which he handed Zelensky, written to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and the President can pass the document to the Parliament at any time.

In accordance with the law on the Cabinet, the Prime Minister had to apply to Parliament, not the President.

Zelensky at the meeting with Goncharuk declared that gives the government a chance to work yet, and asked Goncharuk until February 4 to prepare an interim report on the work of the Cabinet.

On 17 January, the channel “How to deceive the President” in YouTube was removed along with all the videos.

Goncharuk has described the situation as a threat to national security.