Russian politician Lukashevich: I will go to the polling station and get your ballot

Lukashevich: All my newsletters clean and I can show them as proof of my non-participation in this farce

Photo: Vadim Lukashevich / Facebook

Russian opposition politician Vadim Lukashevich said that they will go to the polling station during elections of the President of the Russian Federation to take a ballot as evidence that he did not vote for the reappointment of President Vladimir Putin. He wrote about this nand his page in Facebook.

The politician noted that the Russian Federation broke out the “battle” regarding the participation or non-participation in the voting, although everyone understands that the elections in Russia.

“Everyone understands that in these elections there is no choice. Everyone also understands that the list of candidates generated artificially on the Old town square in favor of one candidate, which now has a working presidential schedule for April and further”, – he stressed.

According to Lukashevich, the supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and journalist Ksenia Sobchak voters trying to impose their point of view.

“I’m going to vote – are doing the will of the Kremlin. Don’t go – Bulk. Vote against all – Sobchak/the Kremlin. And so on. All any your action in the voting day someone is predefined already and today you are merely the executor of his will. Whatever you do, even in the case of passive/active inactivity – you’re just a worthless cog, gratuitous extra in someone else’s game with a zero result for you”, – he explained.

The politician said that he would remain “outside the game”.

“My capital – I have never voted for this St. Petersburg mol. Never! And I can prove it with ballots, not is omitted in the ballot box. As they say in the army: “Clean the straps – a clear conscience”. My ballot is clean and I can show them as proof of my non-participation in this farce as proof that I do not bear any responsibility for the mess around us” – he stressed.

Lukashevich added that he would visit the polling station, but will not vote.

“On March 18, I will go to the polling station and get your ballot, then to show it to you all. And I don’t care about any arguments about how it will affect the “counting” of votes, I would stay in the hands of the unused ticket to a brothel as evidence that I was not there”, – he concluded.

О посещении борделяЯ молчал на тему выборов, но, вижу, пора высказать свою позицию по этому фарсу. В ленте разгорелась…

Posted by Vadim Lukashevich on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Presidential elections in Russia held on March 18. The desire to participate in the race said 67 candidates, including the incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin.

25 December, the CEC adopted a decision on the refusal to register Navalny.

30 Dec for the first time a politician tried to appeal the CEC decision, the Supreme court of Russia dismissed the appeal.

The bulk response was posted on the Internet a video message in which he announced a “strike of voters” in connection with the refusal of the CEC to allow him the election.

3 Jan Navalny has filed an appeal against the decision of the Supreme court recognized the right decision of the Central election Commission not allowing them to participate in the election of the Russian President. January 6, the appeals Collegium of the Supreme court of Russia upheld the decision of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation on refusal to register the group of voters created for support Navalny as independent candidate.

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