Russian military destroyed insurgents fired on the base Hamim 31 December

The Russian military has destroyed sabotage group of militants fired on the base Hamim in Syria with mortars on December 31. This was announced on Friday at the defense Ministry.

Photo: mil.ru

According to the Agency, carried out a special operation in its search and destroy. A group of Russian special operations Forces had established the location of the group near the Western border of Idlib.

“Upon the arrival of terrorists at the facility where they are ready to transplant into the van, all the subversive group was destroyed by precision munitions “Krasnopol”, — the Ministry said.

It was said that the operation was involved all the forces and means of a multilevel system of Russian military intelligence in Syria. For the base of the militants was organized continuous monitoring unmanned and designated high-precision weapons .

“Russian military intelligence in Idlib province was opened in the place of final Assembly and storage of terrorists shock unmanned vehicles aircraft type. A strike with precision artillery munitions “Krasnopol” warehouse drones destroyed,” — said in the defense Ministry.

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