The render of the electric Monarch / © OOO “Novye tekhnologii Sibiri”

There are doubts that the electric car in General see the world.

A prototype of a new Russian electric car is not delivered to the presentation in Moscow. The developers claim that the incident is related to “logistical problems.” However, the media reported that the leadership of the project paid by the carrier, the website

Presentation of a new Russian electric car “Monarch” took place in Moscow without the car. The authors of the project explained that the alleged “Monarch” did not have time to bring from Novosibirsk.

But in fact it turned out that the head of the project, the Novosibirsk businessman Alexey Ponomarenko has not paid the transport company “Calavia Express” for the transportation of the electric vehicle.

The cost of the “Monarch” is estimated at half a million Russian rubles (about 24 thousand US dollars). The authors of the project even in the summer showed, as is the case with the creation of the car. But in the end thwarted the presentation, there is doubt that the car will see the world.