Bekirov was arrested 55 days ago when he tried to visit his elderly mother

Photo: Alexey Ladin / Facebook

February 4, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has called on Russia to immediately release the arrested activist of the Crimean Tatar Edem Bekir. This is stated in the message of the diplomatic mission on Twitter.

“Russia, let Bekirova and all Ukrainian political prisoners immediately! Crimea is Ukraine”, – said at the Embassy.

The office recalls that Bekirov was arrested 55 days ago when he tried to visit his elderly mother.

It is also noted that Russia refused Bakirovu having an amputation, in appropriate medical care. Actions of the Russian Federation, the Embassy called unacceptable.

Rosiya, Otpusti Bekaa th usih NSA Ukrainian poltechnic V asnv immediately address! #Kamawgra

— U. S. Embassy Kyiv (@USEmbassyKyiv) 4 fierce 2019 R.

In late January the political prisoner’s daughter said that her father because of the unsanitary conditions in jail appeared sores, shortness of breath and cough. Later she told me that the jailers said that Bekirov may be in jail, in spite of the disease.

Inhabitant of the Kherson area detained Bekirova on the morning of 12 December 2018 at passport control on the territory controlled by Russian occupants. The activist went to the Crimea to visit the 78-year-old mother and relatives. The evening of the same day, he called his wife from the FSB occupied Simferopol.

December 13, “the Kyiv district court” of Simferopol Bekir was arrested for two months. He became ill in the hall “court”. A 57-year-old Bekir diabetes, an amputated leg, recent surgery on the heart. Following heart surgery had to go 16 Dec.

Bakirovu charged with distribution and transport 12 kg of TNT and 190 rounds of ammo. His lawyer Alexey Ladin notes that Bekirov’s state of health, physically could not lift a bag with weight.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed its protest in connection with the arrest of Crimean Tatar activist.

The US and the EU urged Russia to release Bekir.