Russia activist sentenced to three years in prison for the repost in social networks

Sokolov was accused of publishing images with text, arousing the hatred of the Russian

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In the Russian Voskresensk the court sentenced to three years in prison for inciting national hatred as an activist and environmentalist from Kolomna Valentina Sokolova, the father of four children. This was reported in the Facebook activist Vyacheslav Egorov with reference to the wife Sokolov.

A criminal case under part 1 of article 282 (inciting hatred or enmity) was brought in the court in July 2016 for the repost in the “Classmates”.

“The case was fabricated,” – said Yegorov.

Коломенского активиста Валентина Соколова сегодня осудили на 3 года. Закрыли прямо в зале суда. Он многодетный отец, у него четверо. Экстремизм за посты ВК. 282. Как мы любим. Дело сфабриковано полностью

Posted by Вячеслав Егоров on Friday, January 12, 2018

Sokolov was accused of publishing images with text, arousing the hatred of the Russian, as well as in publications in a Facebook video with xenophobic comments, which sounded a call for violence against blacks.

Sokolov himself says that repostnul picture, in which he sounded the call for the murder of Russians, with the comment: “How to be totally inappropriate to carry such heresy. Consciously or kindle. Scary to read”. The investigation ignored the comment of the activist, because when you repost in the “Classmates”, the image is automatically saved in the folder “Miscellaneous” without comment made repost, writes “OVD-info”.

Criminal case because of the images in the “Classmates” on the activist started in July 2016, when the falcons decided to stand in deputies of regional Duma.

“Valentine’s Sokolov pretty much every social network, there are several hundred – and some of them with my photos. As they appeared – I do not know. Vladimir Putin also has around 3 thousand accaduto. I have a criminal case consists of two parts: one part that I hate the Russian, the Russian I suggest all to burn, and another one that I hate all blacks and people of North Africa”, – said the activist of “Rain”.

According to Sokolov when he has not passed in the Duma, the case was closed, but reopened it before the election to municipal Council.

In Kolomna Sokolov organized protests against waste dumps and tried to achieve the provision of land to large families.

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