Roman Romanovsky won $107,500 in the elite tournament

Roman “Romeopro” Romanovsky known to fans of poker as a pretty successful player and generous philanthropist: last year, the guy launched a second career in the charity marathon whose goal is to earn $1,000,000 and the transfer of 60% of the amount for the benefit of the needy.


After the start of the marathon poker players for a long time nothing was heard about the success Romanovsky, and here’s a novel recalled his victory in a major online event, which brought him $107,500 in prize money.

This time the Ukrainian was subjected to the $2,100 High XL Eclipse, which attracted 171 registration. The prize Fund of the event amounted to $500,000 and payments were distributed among the 27 best players. To leave the tournament empty handed had Mike Watson, Chris Moorman the, Scott Margerison and Fabrizio Gonzalez.
The final table was formed shortly after the opening of the prize zone. The canadian player under the nickname “SleepinAwake” left the tournament before the start of the finals, taking with him $8,750 in prize money for reaching the 10th place.

On the way to victory Romanovsky had to fight such a famous high-rollers, Nicholas Fierro, allesrigged and Simon Metson. At the beginning of the battle of tete-a-tete novel and his opponent laciababy64 had almost equal number of chips.
The outcome of the tournament was determined by just one round, in which the Ukrainian won almost all the opponent’s pieces with a pair of 99. The silver prize-winner of the competition got $77,500.

The novel is in the amount of won yesterday $107,500 managed to earn for this marathon was $337,650!

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