Repair of high-speed tram in Kiev for 15.9 million: three station promise to finish by the New year

The last large-scale reconstruction of the street the light rail line was held recently


Station Field

Station Field

Station Field

Station Field

Station Field

Station Field

Station Field

Station Field

Station Field

Station Field
Anatoly Boiko

The refurbishment of several stations the street the light rail line promised to be completed by the New year. “Today” has learned, as has changed the tram stop and in the plans.

Light rail is one of the most popular modes of transport in Kiev. Every day the street line are 150-155 thousand passengers. But in some places people are experiencing inconvenience because of the repair. Reconstruction is at the station “Ul. General Potapov”, “Field” and “Polytechnic”. The authorities promise that by the end of 2017 the repairs are done.

“The area near the station “Ul. General Potapov,” has shifted more than 1 km, welded rails, improved drainage system and electricity, installed canopies over the platforms. Are facing platforms, tile, granite tactile tiles, install video surveillance systems, reconstruction of traffic lights, work station lighting. Will soon begin installing the turnstile of the group, facing kiosks for the sale of tickets and arrangement of pedestrian crossings,” he listed the General Director of “Kyivpastrans” Dmitry Levchenko.

On the “Field” and “Polytechnic” changing sheds over platforms, the repaving of the railings on the platforms, the floor and walls in the lobbies.

Station “Polytechnic” on the morning of 7 December. Photo: Olga Mulk

KPI. The inscription is backlit. Photo: V. Teluk

Appeared modern ski lifts for people with disabilities, but until we noticed that someone used.

“Last summer, an agreement was signed with the contractor on major repairs of all stations the street the light rail line. Three going to be finished this year, while the remaining nine will be held next. Moreover, according to the terms of the tender, everything should be ready for a year from the moment of conclusion of the contract, i.e. until 12 June 2018. The total cost of works — 15.9 million UAH”, — told to us in Department of transport infrastructure KSCA.

However, with regard to the timing of repairs, many of Kiev doubts.

Platform. Tactile tiles. Photo: “Kyivpastrans”

“To “Field” which I always use, a year ago there was a fire. Station for a long time and was burned. The renovation work has been underway for more than two months. But it seems that there are still many things to finish. In the transition and in the lobby of the station from the ceiling hanging wires. And the turnstiles at the entrance at all still not working. The controller to punch holes in the coupons manually. And some passengers do pass just like that, nothing showing. And the woman has to yell after them, on line free riders catch the inspectors,” — said from Kiev Marina Kramarenko.

We will remind, last large-scale reconstruction of the street the light rail line had taken place very recently, from 2007 to 2011. But in the end Arsenal have had a claim as the most expensive (they cost the budget in a round sum — 420 million) and to quality. After the opening was to change the defective rails and mounts.

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