Released of the hostages, “LC” Ovcharenko: In Donetsk and Lugansk, Pro-Ukrainian youth, mainly

Ovcharenko: We who were born in 1991-1992, all born in Ukraine, and we have one homeland

Photo: hromadske.ua

Young people have occupied Donetsk and Luhansk, mainly Pro-Ukrainian views. About it in interview “to Gromadsky” said a fan of Luhansk football club Zorya Vladyslav Ovcharenko, freed hostages from the terrorists of “LNR”.

He noted that he tried to help the Ukrainian military, particularly intelligence.

“There were, of course, thoughts. I helped when “Aidar” was near the city of Lugansk, talked with them and with the 80th brigade. Then they were in Happiness. We took the guys water and food. When it became very hot, have not had the opportunity to go there. Of course, I told the guys where pretty roses grow in the city. We are not alone. Someone is trying Pro-Ukrainian leaflets to do, someone to stick. I understand there are a lot of young people, and young people, mostly Pro-Ukrainian in Donetsk and Lugansk. Because we are born in 1991-1992, all born in Ukraine, and we have only one homeland. Maybe I could understand people who born in the Soviet time, they have the USSR stuck in my head. And we have except the Ukraine did not. Well what it’s like to be a citizen of the fictional Republic fictional passports?” said Ovcharenko.

5 November 2016 the representatives of the so-called Ministry of state security of the terrorist organization “LNR” announced the detention in Luhansk “leaders of the underground neo-Nazi group”. Militants accused Ovcharenko and Akhmerova espionage. The detainees were allegedly recruited by the employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine with the call sign Big and Evil. Later Ovcharenko was sentenced to 17 years in prison for espionage.

27 December 2017 in the Donbas had an exchange of detained persons. According to the Prosecutor General, Ukraine has exchanged 73 233 detained on Ukrainian hostages.

Among those released – Ovcharenko, Akhmerov, blogger Edward Nadeljaev, religious scientist Igor Kozlovsky, Ukrainian military Valentin Bogdan, Alex Kirichenko and Eugene Kuznetsov.

The head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak said that the militants “LDNR” continue to hold 103 Ukrainians.

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