Public figure Bogutskaya: Question to the Minister of Rewa. Explain how 20 UAH per day there are many

Bogutskaya: a third of the country lives

Photo: Liza Bogutskaya / Facebook

Mathematical calculations show that more than a third of Ukraine’s population lives on 50 UAH per day. About this social activist Elizabeth Bogutskaya has written in Facebook.

“Even with subsidies, although a very large number of needy cannot make, for whatever reason, the day of spending pensioner is not more than 40 UAH per person. Again, given the fact that the drugs retirees spend half of their budget (minimum), then food remains 20 UAH per day,” she said.

According to Bohutska, this amount does not account for “ordinary living expenses”.

However, she recalled the statement of the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva that Ukrainians eat a lot compared to the Germans.

“The question to the Minister of Rewa. Explain pliz: as 20 UAH per day much?.. That you 20 UAH? I mean how much is it? A bottle of kefir? Kilogram of cheap pasta? A pack of cigarettes? Incomplete a liter of gasoline? Food in the dining room Cabinet? That you 20 UAH at the time when the pensioner is awesome as a lot of food! That’s it. A third of the country lives,” – said the Bogutskaya.

Уже второй раз пишу о том, о чем не собиралась, потому что этого итак в ленте полно. Но все- таки решила произвести легк…

Posted by Liza Bogutskaya on Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 10, Reva said that the Ukrainians spend on food 50% of the income, as a lot of eating.

Users of social networks reacted to the words Reva jokes and sarcasm.

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