Protest of nationalists in the United States, which ended in collisions of the vehicle at the crowd

August 11, hundreds of nationalists in Charlottesville (Virginia, USA) came out to protest over city plans to dismantle the monument to the Civil war, Confederate General Robert E . Lee. The demonstration turned into violent clashes with right-wing their opponents. During them on one of the streets of the city, the car crashed into the crowd. One person was lost, 19 more have suffered. What happened in Charlottesville last few days see in the photo Reuters.

Police on the background of the monument to General Robert E. Lee, against whom again protested nationalists

The protest supported the racist group ku Klux Klan

Members of the group ku Klux Klan demonstration in Charlottesville

The military is guarding the opponents of the demonstration of nationalists

Opponents of right-wing taking to the streets in response to the demonstration of nationalists

One of the right-wing wins the poster from the enemy’s demonstrations

One of the opponents of the nationalists of the far-right attacks

The collision of the far right and their opponents

The participant right-wing during clashes in Charlottesville

Smoke bomb in oprema collisions of ultra-right and their opponents

A police officer near the car, crashed into a crowd in Charlottesville

Passerby comforts the resident of Charlottesville near a makeshift sign of mourning for the victims of the collision of a car into the crowd

The girl crying at the candles, lighted in sign of mourning for the dead in Charlottesville

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