“PrivatBank” is blocking accounts based on the information from the site “Peacemaker” – the media

In “PrivatBank” “Peacemaker” called the partner security service, interior Ministry and state border service

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Nationalized “PrivatBank” with the fall of 2017 block the account of Ukrainians, which was in the database of the site “Peacemaker”. On the 12 February edition UBR.ua reported, citing a copy of the official refusal of funds to natural persons from the card account.

In the document Manager of the financial institution notes that the partners of the online the Peacemaker, the security Service of Ukraine, General staff of Armed forces of Ukraine, the State border service, Ministry of internal Affairs and State penitentiary service.

It also reminds that the current legislation allows “PrivatBank” to collect information about the client from different sources and to deny service because of “motivated suspicion with the Bank for illegal transactions.”

To unlock the card account, the client is suggested to contact a specialized Department of the Ministry of interior or directly contact the site “Peacemaker”.

Screenshot: ubr.ua

Lawyer Michael Mozhayev told the publication that to resolve similar issues are managed after the courts with “Peacemaker” and the Bank filed claims on protection of honor and dignity. According to him, such a lawsuit can take from two months to a year.

“In the era of constant attacks and break-ins, people cannot be called terrorists on the basis of data on some website. Hackers break into protected systems and resources. And there is no guarantee that someone’s name will not appear in some lists by mistake or with malicious intent. Because banks are required to contact law enforcement to confirm their fears they have, and only then with an appropriate resolution to block the bill. Not before,” said Mozhayev.

Lawyer Victor Moroz noted that the situation with the blocking of accounts “can go wild”.

“When I approached the owner of a “Peacemaker” with a request for his client, the answer came to me that if I’m going to protect individuals involved in terrorism, then he will get a list of the site”, – said the lawyer.

The website of the volunteer centre “the Peacemaker” is valid from the spring of 2014. Activists claim that contribute to the database project helpers of terrorists of Donbass and those who came to the occupied Crimea contrary to Ukrainian law.

“PrivatBank” has become the property of the state 18 December 2016.

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