According to the Constitution in Ukraine there is single citizenship


The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadim pristayko said that Ukraine may introduce dual citizenship. He said this in an interview with TSN, which was published on 31 October.

“Now is the time concept. Proposed several concepts. Concepts are sometimes challenging, sometimes interesting, for example, access to dual citizenship in bilateral relations with the country. That is, it will be recognized by those countries that are ready for this one-on-one with us, on a bilateral basis. The broadest possible involvement of Ukrainians abroad. For example, the document that we now give out the document of foreign Ukrainians, will also be taken into consideration,” said Pristayko.

He stressed that this process involved the migration service, security Service, State border service and the foreign Ministry.

“There are discussions between them, and I think we will continue to attract more and more MPs so that they become part of the process, that is, to pass our experience on to the deputies,” – said the Minister.

According to article 4 of the Constitution of Ukraine, in the country “there is only one citizenship.”