Prystayko: Ukraine does not want to be involved in this process

Photo: Vadym Prystaiko / Twitter

Diplomatic system is not adapted to the cases of the publication of the transcripts of personal conversations between presidents of different countries. In an interview with TSN, released on October 31, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko.

“The publication of the transcript of the conversation between the leaders is quite a new and unusual form of diplomacy. In principle, the diplomatic system is not adapted to this case. We think that this conversation is happening behind closed doors, leaders have the opportunity to freely exchange opinions. If this free exchange becomes part of the public space, it changes the narratives of future conversations. And really is a call for diplomacy and for leaders. As for how we are prepared now and how it will affect the future – I hope it will not affect future relations between Ukraine and the USA. I believe this is an isolated incident, we would like to avoid, which would allow our leaders to freely exchange views on all issues that interest us,” said Pristayko.

He rejected the suggestion that Ukraine could become toxic to American diplomats.

“Let’s not forget that the usual diplomatic channel of communication – the U.S. Department of State and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. This channel is open and continues to work. He was not at all attracted to this event… Yes, indeed, there is an investigation now, and some of the staff, including the American Embassy here was called to the testimony in front of Congress. But it’s all happening in the legal field of the United States. Ukraine does not want to be involved in this process, and I think that we are able to stand apart from those issues and problems that are happening in Washington,” added the Minister.

On 24 September the House of representatives of Congress in connection with the scandal, which began after the publication of The Washington Post and The New York Times about the possibility of trump’s pressure on President Vladimir Zelensky during the July telephone conversation, announced the start of an official investigation within the procedure of impeachment of the President of the trump.

On September 25 the White house released the transcript of the conversation. It follows from this that trump has raised the issue of the investigation activity in Ukraine hunter Biden – son of the former Vice President of the United States and a potential rival trump in the presidential election in 2020, Joe Biden. Zelensky promised Trump that the new Ukrainian Prosecutor General “look at the situation.”

Trump calls the investigation a “witch hunt” and insists that it is not pushed Zelensky. The President of Ukraine stated that during the telephone conversation it is useless “not pushed”, and stressed that he does not want to be involved in the electoral campaign in the United States.

26 September was published the appeal of the scout, which served as the beginning of the scandal. The document is dated August 12. The text of the complaint States that trump in conversation with Zelensky “used the powers of his office”, “pressured” and requested “the intervention of a foreign state” in the U.S. presidential election to be held in 2020. According to the informant, the White house tried to cover up the transcript of the conversation.