Prince Harry and the Duchess Megan use protection to not on purpose media

Photo: sussexroyal / Instagram

15 officers of Scotland Yard dissatisfied with the fact that the British Prince Harry and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex Megan in Canada give them personal errands. This publication reports The Sun.

The security officers take away food and ready meals, in particular, organic delicacies.

“I believe that this is not an assignment for security officers to perform errands and go shopping. Their priority is personal protection and so they must be confined to those who guard”, – said the former head of Royal protection, and the team is Davis.

According to the insider from Canada, officers are unhappy that they are at the Beck and call, doing lackey work.

“It’s dangerous because if something happens, and it turns out that one of the guards was at this time, in another place, he will get it in the neck from his boss” – he said.

January 9, 2020 the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the intention to resign the Royal authority. 13 Jan, the Royal family announced that he supported the desire of Prince Harry and his wife “to start a new life.” A week later, Prince Harry flew to Canada to his wife and son, calling the decision to abandon the Royal authority, “a leap into the unknown”.