Preparing for the New year: how to decorate your home for the holiday

In siproeta “5 steps to New year” we’ll show you how to fully prepare for the holiday!

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Before the New year little more than a month, however, start decorating your house now. After all, it needs to look magical, especially if you are expecting guests or you have older children.

The holiday was, you need a certain atmosphere. You need to decorate not only the tree, but everything around it: walls, Windows, ceiling, furniture. We have prepared for you a selection of ideas that will help transform the home for the New year.

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Christmas lighting

To create a festive atmosphere in the apartment, you should think about the lighting. The right soft light can transform any plain room. Besides the special charm of the apartment give a Christmas garland. And of course the Christmas tree. She should be the center of the light composition.

New year’s eve it is a perfect complement for candles or table lamps with interesting shapes. You can opt out ceiling lights. And then prevail in the apartment of an intimate warm atmosphere.


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Of the cans to make beautiful lanterns for home decorations or nightlights.
House-candle holder. Will oblepicha a glass jar or clay hardening plasticity. It is possible to roll up the sausages, make a small cake or roll out the clay with rolling pin. Leave space for the Windows or cut them after. In the Bank you can put real candles and led candles run on batteries.

The night sky in a jar

In the thick paper dark colors make holes with a nail, the tip of a pencil or pen. Wrap the jar with paper or turning the paper, put it inside the jar. if Bank paper wrapped outside, then inside you can put a normal candle-tablet. if the paper inside the jar, use only led candles. Instead of paper, you can take the foil. Such a lamp can be made from a large three-liter jar or a small jar of baby food.

You can paste over the jar with pieces of colored tissue paper. Then your lamp with a stained glass effect. Coat the jar with white glue and roll it in salt, the flakes of artificial snow, or powdered magnesia. To put into the banks Christmas tree garland. Pour in a jar of salt into 1/3 and put it in a candle.

Christmas wreath

Arrange before the New year audit and collect all the unnecessary small items and toys. Encourage your child to make their own holiday wreath and help to stick items on the base.

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The basis for the wreath can be done independently, twisting her from the newspaper, junk packages wrapped with masking tape. The wreath can be painted with spray paint from a container, for example in a white or Golden color, and wrap the Christmas garland. To the base of the wreath using the hot glue gun to glue artificial fir branches, cones and other natural materials or items that you want to use. Hang this beauty on the door.

Tree of small items

Make a pretty Christmas tree. Various items can be pasted on a big cone out of cardboard or foam and get an unusual tree. Or stick them in a Christmas tree shape on the wall or on some other basis. Figures you can leave the colored or painted in a single color. With this unusual Christmas tree is very fun to play a game of “Find what I see!” Name an object that is on the tree, and child must find him. For example: “I see a piece of LEGO!”

Decoration for sofa

The new year is a family holiday, so it should be cosy. create a warm atmosphere in the scrap can help you correctly arranged furniture, nice pillows and soft blankets. If you want to bring the Christmas feel to the room, buy or sew a couple of festive pillows with snowmen, Christmas trees or Santa Claus. And also throw down on the pink sofa and the chairs a few warm blankets in red and white squares. Guests are sure to take advantage of them.

Winter bouquet

Make a few simple winter songs. To do this, stick on the branches plasticine beads or felt balls, cotton wool or tissue paper. Twigs can be painted with white paint or put glue on them and roll them in glitter, salt, or artificial snow.


Where without it?! Be sure to hang a couple of these in the apartment. They can be made from old, unwanted winter sweaters. Cut as large an billet future of the sock and sew the edges by hand or on a typewriter.

Pomander for a pleasant holiday aromas

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To have in your apartment really reigned the festive spirit and fill it with Christmas flavors holiday. Pierce with a toothpick, orange peel and ask the child to insert the cloves. Line it is possible to plan in advance with a pen or marker. Place this composition in each room.

Trivia in the hallway

Entrance hall – a meeting place for guests. So it is necessary to pay special attention to when preparing for the holiday. First you need to put things in order, beautifully sort and arrange different things.

They can be placed in baskets, on trays, in bowls and drawers. They give the home charm and grooming room. For these purposes, also suitable for small shelves.
Then a few strokes adorn the hallway hang a homemade garland, put a winter bouquet and pomander with a bright orange aroma.

Christmas decorations

For homemade Christmas balls, you can use the foam blanks, which are sold on the Internet. Glue a ball of small objects using a hot glue gun (for example, beads, small felt balls, natural materials) or cover with clay and put it on the patterns of grains and seeds. Also balls can paint or decorate in decoupage technique. For suspension in the world, you can insert a metal screw-ring.

Or let your child cut out of cardboard own decorations for the Christmas tree and decorate them. The carton blanks can be decorated with glitter glue, appliqués, stickers, drawings, or glue them all kinds of small items. On the pillars covered with clay, you can lay out beautiful patterns of sunflower seeds, shells of pistachios, beads and various cereals.

Great Christmas decorations out of clay, salt dough or plastics for modeling. On the tree a very elegant look with bright POM-poms, which the child can do himself. On the hand need to be wound a thick yarn, then remove it and tie in the middle. Cut the loops and trim the bead with scissors.

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Bright garlands

Decorate your apartment for the holiday with the help of garlands, the manufacture of which will not take much time! These lights can be hung on walls, Windows, and stretch out under the ceiling from one wall to the other.

To a long thread you can sew on the machine or glue cut-out paper silhouettes of Christmas: Christmas trees, stars, houses, squirrels, bunnies. Children themselves can be strung on a thread colorful felted beads, or homemade beads made of plastic for modeling. The window will look beautiful snowy garland of cotton balls strung on fishing line, or a garland of snowflakes.

Encourage your child to make your garland. Let him cut out paper in different shapes, make bows, tie ribbons, add to the garland of toys and pictures. An interesting garland you can build from natural materials: pine cones, twigs, berries, rose hips, dried orange slices.

The harbingers of the holiday

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Of plastics for molding or made of natural materials make a lot of gnomes, snowmen, or simply houses. About a month before the New year, every day, put in the apartment of one such figure – as a Herald of the upcoming holiday. The child, knowing this tradition, will be looking forward to the appearance of the first Bulletin, and then every day to look for the following that could be lurking on a bookshelf, on a windowsill or in a pot of flowers. After the New year, every day, remove one figure.

Recall that Pets love the holidays. They always climb to the garlands, Christmas tree and festive table. So creative owners have come up with such quirky adaptations that animals do not got in over my head and did not spoil the holiday, writes Bored Panda. 25 genius ideas how to protect your Christmas tree from playful Pets.

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