Russian singer Boris Moiseev said that he had learned from the fortune-teller the date of his death. According to Moses he went to a fortune teller when I went to Paris.

So, according to her, the artist dies at the age of 86 years. It is reported StarHit.

Boris Moiseev

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“Once I went to Paris, friends advised to contact the local soothsayer. The woman was quite Frank. Said dies at age 86, and 55 are expected to creative flourishing. The second prediction has come true – recorded the album, toured, literally slept on the set. And what is the result? Two years after the jubilee had a stroke. So the heyday was short-lived. I hope the first prediction the fortune teller got it wrong. To mysticism are treated with interest, but carefully. For example, came up with a good-luck ritual. Before the performances went around the room with the bell, breathed in shoes. Help!”, — Moses said.

As previously wrote OBOZREVATEL, died vocalist The Prodigy Keith flint. The artist was 49 years old. Musician found in his house in Essex (UK). The official cause of death is still, however, the representatives of the group reported that the musician had committed suicide on Monday night.

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