Miroshnichenko called the “ready room for the big “Eurovision”

Photo: timur.miroshnychenko / Instagram

Ukrainian TV presenter Timur Miroshnichenko, who led the “Eurovision 2017” page on Instagram briefly described all participants of the national selection for “Eurovision 2019”.

He said that the singer Ivan Navi bright and positive song, but it will be compared to American singer Justin Timberlake. The Duo of Anna Matia, in his opinion, presented “the format of Eurovision”, but, according to Miroshnichenko, the format of “Eurovision” does not win in this competition for many years.

“Kazka – the song is totally their style, and that’s a plus. There is a wonderful melody of folk instruments and powerful vocals. But for backing vocals you can’t vote”, – he said.

About singer Kira Mazur Miroshnichenko said that it is organic, but, in his view, a large number of participants of the national selection, which are in the style of folk, didn’t benefit her.

“Laud – as cool as it sounds the singer, and how long the average listener of our country is not ready to listen to such music… But seemed a little “empty” room, Vlad himself was not able to fill the whole scene. Would like some history, some additions,” – said Miroshnichenko.

The main opening of the second semi-final of the presenter called Khayat.

“Braii – good music in the headphones and not for competition. Freedom-jazz – Oh well, that’s a cool booth, music, fun, makes you smile, sing and dance! Absolutely ready the room for the big “Eurovision” and the unconditional winner of this semi-final,” – wrote Miroshnichenko.

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ABOUT OTHER PUFAL NAZWIE * 1 * IVAN NAVI @ivan_naviofficial Plastic I positive song. Meni osobiste won duzhe podobala, ale in context “Verbazende” not Unicode porwnanie iz Gastonomy I on zvuchaniyu, I stsenograf. The St Ivan Mabuchi same perevalivatsya, Bo at rehearsals mustache vyglyadelo mcnsa. 2 * ANNA MARIA @annamariaduet Vocal soul strongly I song nasicaa the coop muzycznych pondus, that postijno smut one one I trimout padaca/listener. Hello! From if saying “format Verbazende”, it is possible smilevo pokusavati Tsey you. I don’t abrasivo TSE, TSE normal! From tilki “format Verbazende” not Peremoga “Verbuchen” vzhe bagato rokiv. 3 * KAZKA @kazka.band brand Song “Kashka” I TSE plus. Yea Chudov melody narodnih nstruments I potezny back-up vocals. Ale for back-up vocals nemone vote. I TSE minus. 4 * MAZUR KiRA @kira__Kira mazur is a young space. His music won vzhe znajshla I won in tions doval protein. Ale (I do not think scho kolis take say) a large number of uchasnikiv Nazwie, that vistupayut from folk style, psla no on’na koryst CR. Take two vistupi – – the YUKO. Dentin for stsenograf, ale RSN for kolorowy Hamm I vzhe brand rsne of Spinetta. 5 * LAUD @laud_vk Yak is cool zvuciti Tsey spac I Yak Dovgy has srednestatisticheskiy listener Nacho country bude not prepare sluchaty Taku muzyka… Ale meni wydawca Troshkov “porogens” room, Vlad him not SMG zapomniti the whole scene. Hotels AKOS history, jogos dopovnennya. By the way, for Demba TSE n’yata sproba “Verbuchen”. Three Bulo on Giacomo I vzhe other on dorosoma. Vlade, not sophistica! Ti ruhsa in pravilno side! 6 * KHAYAT @ado.khayat And the axis TSE curiously! Space unable to do taqiy room I pisnyu for yakimi want spostarti. Ti cekas, scho bude for nastepnym muzycznym turn? Kudi further? For me – smut vakrita other pufal. 7 * Braii @braii_band Neogene Musica in cell I Slavenka for the competition. 8 * Freedom Jazz @freedomjazz_official Well!! Clove farce musicno, fun, smusa posmatra, pdsat I patentovedenie! Brand sale room for great “Verbazende” I benzapirene winner tsogo pufal.

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The final in the second semi-final of the national selection were Kazka, Freedom-jazz and Anna Maria.

Thus, in the final of the national selection, which will be held on February 23, came Yuko, Maruv (Anna Korsun), Brunettes Shoot Blondes.

64-th Eurovision song contest will take place on 14, 16 and 18 may 2019 in tel Aviv. In 2018, the winner was the representative of Israel Netta Barzilai.