Poroshenko moved up from eighth to 10th place in the ranking of the richest people of Ukraine according to “Focus”

According to “Focus”, compared to 2015, as Poroshenko has decreased

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The President of Ukraine, the owner of Roshen confectionery Corporation Petro Poroshenko has moved from eighth to 10th place in the ranking of the richest people of Ukraine according to the magazine “Focus”, reported the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

It is noted that as of 2016 as the head of the Ukrainian state is $589 million.

Above him in the ranking is:

  • the businessman, the owner of SCM Group Rinat Akhmetov ($2.2 billion);
  • co-owner of group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky ($1.2 billion);
  • co-owner of group “Privat” Gennady Bogolyubov ($1.2 billion);
  • the owner of investment consulting group of companies EastOne Victor Pinchuk ($1.1 billion);
  • the owner of the agro-industrial group of companies “kernel Group” Andrew Verevskiy ($871 million);
  • the owner of the company “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” Yuri Kosyuk ($738 million);
  • the group owner of DCH Group Alexander Yaroslavsky ($734 million);
  • the owner of iron ore company Ferrexpo Konstantin Zhevago ($635 million);
  • the owner of a group of companies engaged in the chemical industry, Group DF Dmitry Firtash ($623 million).

According to “Focus” in 2015, as Poroshenko amounted to $679 million in 2014 – $730 million (12-th place in the rating), and in 2013 – $917 million (16th place).

Roshen confectionery Corporation was founded Petro Poroshenko in 1996. It is composed of two confectionery factory in Vinnitsa, factories in Kyiv, Kremenchuk and Lipetsk (Russia), Klaipeda confectionery factory in Lithuania, Hungarian company Bonbonetti Choco Kft, and maslomolochny plant”, Bershadmoloko” (Vinnitsa region). During the election campaign in 2014, Poroshenko promised to sell the company if he becomes President.

After winning the election for the sale of Roshen company was invited Rothschild. However, to make a deal and failed, because, according to Poroshenko, was the result of the outbreak of hostilities in the East of Ukraine.

The head of state estimated the cost to the Corporation of $3 billion, while Director of the company noted that the chances to find a buyer at that price “almost there”. Currently, according to the President, assets Roshen him are not controlled, they are controlled by a “blind trust”.

In January 2016 Lipetsk factory was put up for sale. Roshen Corporation expects to receive from the sale of approximately $200 million.

In the Declaration, Poroshenko stated that he is the ultimate beneficial owner of several dozen of companies, particularly joint-stock company “international investment Bank”, plant “Lenin’s smithy”, a marketing firm Vneshekonomservis, the insurance company “Krajina” investment Fund “Prime assets capital” and others.

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