Mauricio Pochettino wants to finish the job started in the club.

Ex-coach of Tottenham, Mauricio Pochettino hopes one day to return to the club, who left in November 2019, after five years of work.

“It was an amazing journey. Unfortunately, it ended not the way everyone would like. But deep down, I’m sure our paths will cross again. Since I left Tottenham, I dream one day to return to the club and finish the work that we have completed.

We were close to victories in big tournaments, the Premier League and the Champions League. Now I’m going to move on, ready to take on the next project. But of course, I’d like to return one day, because it’s a special club with incredible fans,” said Pochettino in an interview with BT Sport.

Note that the Argentine expert “spurs” to fight for the victory in the Premier League with Leicester, and also reached the Champions League final in 2019, losing to Liverpool.

Earlier it was reported that Pocettino is the main candidate for the post of coach of Newcastle.

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