Anastasiya Merkushyna commented on the mixed relay.

Ukraine took fifth place in the single mixed relay, where our country was represented pidruchnuy Dmytro and Anastasiya Merkushyna.

She spoke about the feeling after the race and said that with running Pidruchnik for it is always very responsible.

“Feel great – I got such a cool pulse, dispersed and confidently walked up to the fire. And there is not the close targets and not understand why. At the finish I said that the amendment should be 2 up. Don’t know why I lost so much compared to the sighting. Maybe the sun, maybe because I was working on the fourth installation, and the race came in second. Then I saw that there is some difference. Did 2 up and all was well.

Running with Dima – always a great responsibility for me. Today I wanted to make up for errors in östersund, but for some reason it didn’t work. Don’t understand what’s happening to me. That’s just wrong. Perhaps, at me somewhere is valid, when constantly told that this relay your packing, it should qualify. I don’t know… Well, I can not be selected on the relays! This is an additional burden and it was really hard psychologically because of this. There are a lot of fans, thank you for screaming and supporting you, but somehow it really was very difficult,” – said Merkushin in comments UA:the Pershoho.

Previously the race single relay race commented Dmitry Pidruchny.

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