Petrulevich: zviagilskiy in 2012, the family of Yanukovych in the face of his son Sasha tried to take mine

Petrulevich said that in 2012 the attitude to Yanukovych in the Donbas were “not rosy”

Photo courtesy of NewsOne TV channel

In 2012, the eldest son of the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Alexander tried to pick up mine at the people’s Deputy Efim Zvyagilsky, said in a broadcast program author editor-in-chief of the edition “GORDON” Alesya Batman on TV channel NewsOne, the former head of departments of the security Service of Ukraine in Donetsk and Lugansk regions Alexander Petrulevich.

He noted that already at that time the attitude to Yanukovych in the Donbas were “far from rosy”. Petrulevich said that since 2010, when Yanukovych sat in the chair of President of Ukraine, “something happened.”

“There are honorable people Yefim zviagilskiy, Hero of socialist labor, Hero of Ukraine. He manages to actually mine them. Zasyadko. He in 2012 was the family of Yanukovych in the face of his son Sasha to pick up mine. Then you have something to say? Scuderia they wanted to take Novokramatorsk machine works. And scuderi, incidentally, was second in the list of Party of regions. (The list of Party of regions on parliamentary elections of 2006, George Skudar was included under the third number, it passed in the Parliament. – “GORDON”). He has taken companies from their. What about the rest?” said Petrulevich.

Petrulevich: Russia’s budget for the following year laid the money on the content of “LDNR”. Read the full text of the interview.

Yanukovych was elected Ukraine’s President in 2010. 22 Feb 2014 after three months of protests on the Maidan, the Verkhovna Rada recognized it withdrew from office and not performing his duties, after which he was declared new presidential elections. In the same month, Yanukovych left Ukraine, and now lives with his family in Russia.

In Ukraine against Yanukovych openly some criminal proceedings. He is accused of mass killings of citizens, misappropriation of state property, the seizure of power by unconstitutional means, the actions aimed at overthrowing the constitutional order. In relation to the ex-President is the procedure of conviction.

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