Petrulevich: Subject Kadyrov’s successor launches Putin himself, to the West and Russia understood that he is still good, and when they come to “Stalin number two” will be the Gulag

Petrulevich on the budget of the Chechen Republic: at whose expense Banquet? Of course, at the expense of taxpayers-Russians

Photo courtesy of NewsOne TV channel

To the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin “fear” discussing the option to put in place a head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. Such opinion the former head of the SBU in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Alexander Petrulevich expressed in the ether of the author’s program editor-in-chief of the edition “GORDON” Alesya Batman on TV channel NewsOne.

He noticed that in Chechnya, where the industry is missing, and only the oil is extracted, there are roads, houses, places of entertainment, building schools.

“At whose expense Banquet? Of course, at the expense of taxpayers, the Russians, directly from the budget the money is transferred. When did the Russian budget by 2017, in their press raised a scandal. Because the Chechen government began to be indignant due to reduction of subsidies,” said Petrulevich.

According to him, the theme of Kadyrov’s successor launches Putin himself.

“It runs to the West and within the country to understand that, say, I’m still good. And when they come to “Stalin number two” again, will the Gulags, the repression,” said Petrulevich.

Petrulevich: Russia’s budget for the following year laid the money on the content of “LDNR”. Read the full text of the interview.

Putin was elected Russian President in 2000. After two terms, in 2008, he moved to the post of Prime Minister, and the President was Dmitry Medvedev. In 2012, Putin again took over as President.

The Russian presidential election to be held in March 2018. Putin has not yet announced his decision to run.

In July, Kadyrov said in an interview with HBO that he is ready to give his life for Russia, and that he had “a good army that can attack and defend.”

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