Parents of pupils Dynamo opposed matches in Mariupol

Photo: fcdynamo.kiev.ua Parents do not want to send their children to the matches in Mariupol

The parents of the players of the Dinamo school please do not allow the holding of matches of U-19 and U-21 in the front-line city.

Relatives of the children players of the sports school of FC “Dynamo” (Kiev) has asked the leadership of the country to prevent the holding of matches of the championship of Ukraine on football in Mariupol and to move games to a more secure field.

“We know that state law enforcement agencies do not recommend to play in dangerous places, including today, and Mariupol. We believe that any security of the children, coaches and teams can be debatable. Football officials should postpone the matches for a safer field, they are required to ensure that the competition took place in conditions of maximum security for the players, coaches and fans,” – said in a letter to President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

The parents are asking the state leadership to influence the leaders of Ukrainian football, and to move the matches from Mariupol and “not to succumb to the young players any threats that, unfortunately, exist in Mariupol and on the way to him.”

An open letter to the leadership of the state was signed by nine people.

19 August in Mariupol there needs to be a match of the third round of the championship of Ukraine among youth teams: “Mariupol U-19 Dynamo U-19”; 25 August – will play the youth team “Mariupol U-21 Dynamo U-21” tournament doubles main squads of FC, 26 Aug – the basic commands.

Yesterday, in the match of the fifth round Dinamo won a crushing victory over Zirka.

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