Ukraine’s armed forces recorded a Russian officer who sought the destruction of terrorists of “DNR”.

The corresponding video was published by the “Turn we live” in Facebook, which shows the effects of the powerful strike fighters in the area of Operations of the joint forces.

“Forester, Marat, Cub and Ago. All the “two hundred”. The Forester was out on bond, told Ukrainian*Pascoe DRG, they all the wounded, asked for help. Then an explosion. From the dugout the huge hole left”, is part of negotiations militants 9 omsp 1 AK MO “DNR”, – told in the Fund.

News”Victory will be ours!” APU showed the dead terrorist

The footage shows the terrorists for several hours before the operation, part of the fortifications. After that, the drone picked up on that place’s nothing left. But in the “200’s” went the officer was looking for subordinates.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, February 23 terrorist “L/DNR” 11 times violated the ceasefire regime, causing one soldier was killed OOS. Ukrainian defenders responded powerfully to the enemy.

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