“One name, one life, one sign”. In Ukraine launched the project “the Last address” in memory of the repressed in the USSR

In Ukraine launched the initiative “Ostannya'”

Photo: Dmitry Belobrov / Facebook

On may 5 in Ukraine started the project “the Last address” (“the Last address”), its purpose is the perpetuation of the memory of the repressed in the Soviet Union, said one of the project coordinators Anna Furman in Facebook.

The project in Ukraine began with the installation of three plaques in Kiev.

Громадська організація "Остання адреса-Україна" – первые три таблички сегодня! Спасибо! Это было невероятно душевно 🙂 Дмитрий Белобров Никита Соколов Сергей Пархоменко

Posted by Anna Furman on Friday, May 5, 2017

“The basic principle of the project: “One name, one life, one sign”. Each of the memorials (about the size of a palm), installed on thousands of “recent addresses” our fallen compatriots on only one person. And the initiator of its installation on this particular address and with this particular name – is also one very specific applicant,” – said on the page movement in Facebook.

A similar project – “the Last address” exists in Russia since 10 December 2014, one of the initiators of the action – the Russian journalist Sergei Parkhomenko. There are already more than 500 characters in 30 settlements. Parkhomenko noted that “the Last address” – “is an independent Ukrainian project, initiated by the citizens of Ukraine”.

“Today we know that they are in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Zhytomyr. Tomorrow they will undoubtedly be more in different cities. Of all these cities to our colleagues in Kiev come applications for installation of memorials in the memory of the people repressed in the Soviet years. The formal statement of the project was specifically registered in Ukraine public organization “Last address,” he said.

Plaques on the facades of houses in Ukraine will be the same as in Russia. They are made of stainless steel according to the sketch of the Russian architect and artist Alexander Brodsky. The size of the square – 11 to 19 inches.

Photo: The Last ‘ – Ukraine / Facebook

The language in which written text on the label, selects the person who has applied for the installation.

Ровно через неделю, 5 мая, в столице Украины, городе Киеве состоится одно событие, которого я очень давно ждал, и на кот…

Posted by Serguei Parkhomenko on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The backbone of the Ukrainian initiative group are Belobrov Dmitry (he was the initiator of the project in Ukraine) and Anna Furman (project administrator).

“Handle it, though not without difficulties. Waiting for new people, especially in large cities, as the need to do a great job for the signs with the names of the repressed have their rightful place,” said Belobrov in the comment to the edition “GORDON”.

According to him, in Ukraine there are three plates (all in Kyiv): in the Lviv area, 4, street Shota Rustaveli, 23 and St., 5/2. Four more signs soon will be installed in Kharkov.

“Applications until a bit comes. In Ukraine there are only about 16 different cities. We have now started the process three more in Kiev. Most in Kharkiv – six applications. There is in the Kherson, Odesa and Zhytomyr oblasts, Lisichansk”, – said Belobrov.

Send request to install a memorial plaque on mail ostannya.adresa@ukr.net, specifying your name, email address and telephone number of the applicant and full name of the repressed, his last known address and other information about him. After that the project coordinators background checks about the person. If the facts are confirmed, the specified address will install the memorial sign (the manufacturer pays the applicant).

“If it is obvious that a person is innocent, we order a plate. If there are problems (while they were not), move on to a more difficult level. But just in case, if you need verification. For example, if the person served in the organs and can take part in the triples. If he somehow was related to the destruction of people, signs with his name will not be”, – said Dmitry Belobrov.

The project will also feature a map, which marked all installed in the country signs, as well as a database where you can find information about repressirovannih by name or address.

Posted by Остання Адреса – Україна on Sunday, May 7, 2017

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