The darling of the magazine was a 21-year-old Julian Farfalla, which was photographed Topless for the cover of the January issue


The staff of the German division of the men’s magazine Playboy for the first time put on the cover of the issue of transgender. On Wednesday, January 10, reports “bi-Bi-si”.

The darling of the magazine was a 21-year-old Julian Farfalla (Farfalla Giuliana), which was photographed Topless for the cover of the January issue. “My dear friends, I will appear on the cover of Playboy and supergorgeous result. I really hope that she will like you the same as me,” she said in Instagram.

As stated by the editor in chief of Playboy Boutin Florian (Florian Boitin), Farfalla is the perfect example of how important “the struggle for right to self-determination”. He also added that the deceased in 2017, the founder of the magazine Hugh Hefner has always been strongly against all forms of discrimination and intolerance.

It is noted that the transgender was born in southwest Germany in the town of Freiburg im Breisgau. In childhood boy named Pascal Radermacher (Radermacher Pascal) felt that he was not born in your body. In the end, at the age of 16 years he made a sex change operation.

Farfalla became famous after starring in the TV series “Next top model Germany”. His appearance in Playboy transgender hopes to inspire other transgender people and others who want to change their sex people.

On the eve of the owners of the publication Playboy said closing the magazine.

We will remind, the founder and chief editor of the famous “Playboy” Hugh Hefner passed away in September 2017. We also reported that Hugh Hefner left a 30-year-old wife with no inheritance. The money will be given to his children.

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