No queues and officials: services that Ukrainians can get online

The service is currently electronic services are not perfect, but useful innovations enough

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E – government is a form of interaction between government and citizens through computer technology and the Internet. It allows the person to receive public services without any contact with the officials. Electronic services may include business services, defence, education, employment, health, housing, law and order and so on.

For example, in Ukraine already you can apply through the online application to the Registrar. In online mode, you can choose any hall in the country, to determine the date and come along to a day of painting.

However, in terms of digitalization of public services Ukraine occupies the 62nd place among 193 countries the world, says the study E-Government Development Index. Our country is far behind its neighbors. For comparison, Poland 36, Russia 35, Romania 75, 50 Belarus, Hungary – 46.

The website “Today” has learned, what public service Ukrainians can get online and what are the risks of Ukraine’s transition to electronic registers.

Time savings, reduction of corruption – what does e-government

About a hundred of public services in Ukraine are available online. For example, to draw public assistance at the birth of the child, the parents can submit the documents via the Internet. Visit of officials is not necessary. Help comes the next day after checking the specified data.

To avoid wasting time on visits of government agencies need to register on the website of the Unified state portal of administrative services. And for this we need to have electronic digital signature (EDS).

Electronic service saves time. To register for a passport at any time, regardless of the schedule of work of state institutions. To apply for obtaining certificate of no criminal records – instantly. Only need to specify the service center of the Ministry of interior and the time when the document will be convenient to take.

The official, regardless of the desire to issue or not to issue a certificate will have to prepare it for the specified time. It reduces corruption.

According to the Concept of e-government development, our the country by 2020 should move to electronic interaction with citizens and business. Paper reference needs to go back in time – all state agencies will have access to the data online.

But in Ukraine there is no single e-ID of citizens. EDS 2012 to October 2017 only received 2.35 million people. The lack of a common identifier one of the problems, through which e-services in Ukraine is developing slowly.

In this public service should not just move online, but also to decline, said the expert Agency on e-government Jaanika Merilo. That is, the extra services should be canceled. For example, a certificate of family composition.

“In the river in a month were given 20-30 thousand certificates about family members. We canceled it. The service is not necessary – it is necessary to cancel. Extra need to clean up and create useful. For example, after running in the river e-queue in hospitals 40% of citizens have used it. Services should make life easier is an electronic queue to the doctor, kindergarten and so on,” says Jaanika Merilo.

What electronic services they can use and what services to expect

Now poslugy.gov.ua can online to join the queue for obtaining a passport of citizen of Ukraine or passport

The most popular service – the registration grants online. Her in Ukraine introduced in 2016. Every tenth Ukrainian who has applied for a subsidy, did it online, the the Agency.

As already mentioned, you can obtain assistance at child birth from the comfort of home. Or apply to the Registrar.

Also popular services in the sphere of land relations. For example, extracts of land.

Available a number of electronic services: business registration, real estate, registration and liquidation of a natural person-entrepreneur (FLP), obtaining certificates and statements from public registers, payment of marine harvest and others.

“Over the past three years we have quite a lot done. There are good services from the Ministry of justice, the State land cadastre. There was construction services. Many services develop at the level of cities, but some. I very much hope that the electronic services will run the city – very much depends on the local level,” adds the Measure.

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