Nina Matvienko: Ukraine has no declared war. There is a fratricidal war

Nina Matvienko: I Have ATO in the family is. I don’t know on what side they may have somewhere my brother was killed there, you know?

Photo: Nna Matura / Facebook

People’s artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko said that sings in the ATO area, because she was ashamed to speak before men because she doesn’t know what to sing. She announced this in an interview with “Apostrophe.Lime”.

According to the singer, looking at events in Ukraine, she receives only sad songs, which she does not want to speak to the soldiers.

“And what I’ll be joyful to sing? I am ashamed to sing. Fun ashamed. What is there to lift the spirit? For whom? Against brother? Go and lift then. It is a terrible sin, good people. I have relatives there. I don’t know on what side they may have somewhere my brother was killed there, you know? Surprised Arsene sings, Tonya sings (son of Nina Matvienko, singer Arsen Mirzoyan and daughter, the singer Antonina Matvienko. – “Boulevard of Gordon”), and I don’t have such a repertoire, I don’t know what to sing,” said Nina Matvienko.

The singer believes that in Ukraine there is no war.

“There is no war. No declared war, there is a fratricidal war, so I’m not going there to sing. If war was declared that we are at war with Russia, I would have gone first. And it’s all clan wars,” – expressed his point of view Nina Matvienko.

Nina Matviyenko was born on 10 October 1947 in the village of Nedilyshche Zhytomyr region. Since 1968, after graduating from the vocal Studio of the Ukrainian folk choir named Ropes, was the soloist.

In 1979, she received the title of honored, and in 1985 – people’s artist of the USSR. Since 1991 she is a soloist of the National ensemble of soloists “Kyiv Camerata”.

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