Experiments have already begun.

NASA continues to plan a flight to Mars. Now find out where they will live the astronauts when they arrived to their destination. After all, carry with them the materials would be too expensive, writes focus.ua.

The program NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) is now financing a study of the so-called microarchitecture, it is possible to build houses out of mushrooms.

Because the mycelium is intensively propagated, “creates the form with precision and combined in such a large structure, like a mushroom,” say the researchers.

The concept of dwelling on Mars consists of several layers of ice outside, then a layer of cyanobacteria, which produce oxygen and nutrients, and inside the housing is made from mycelium, which grows around the frame.

The structure will be closed, so as not to contaminate Mars and not influence him in any way.

Researchers are already experimenting with mycelium and even raised from his stool.