Named the winner of Miss Ukraine universe 2017

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It became 18-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Yana Krasnikova, recognized as the best of 16 girls.

The winner of the beauty contest Miss universe 2017 became 18-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Yana Krasnikova, which is ahead of the competition 16 other girls. In addition to the honorary title, she also became the owner of the crown, which costs 4 million, reports TSN.



“Miss Ukraine universe – 2017” @yanakrasni Yana Krasnikova! And the national anthem of Ukraine performed by her!⭐app The girl speaks three languages and is studying three more. Ian remembered the jury with performance of the anthem of Ukraine is not only in their native language and English. Miss Ukraine Universe is 2017 Yana Krasnikova sings the national anthem of Ukraine ⭐ app #roadtomissuniverseukraine #missukraineuniverse2017

Publication of Miss Ukraine Universe Official (@missukraine_universe) Aug 10 2017 at 2:13 PDT

It is reported that the girl has subdued jury not only for its striking appearance, but also sang the anthem of Ukraine in Ukrainian and English languages.



10 August 2017 in the solemn and luxurious atmosphere of the hall BallRoom of Fairmont Grand Hotel hosted the final of the 11-th beauty contest “Miss Ukraine universe”-2017. The homecoming Queen and the winner of the prestigious title “Miss Ukraine universe”-2017 was 18-year-old Yana Krasnikova from the city of Kiev. According to the winner’s participation in the beauty contest “Miss Ukraine universe” — is a real challenge: “I’m going to make about my own country and its diversity was known throughout the world. Not only the difficult situation in which my country for more than 3 years, but also about its culture, its heroes, its unbroken spirit.” From childhood, Ian was interested in many different things and constantly develop yourself – vocal training, horseback riding, acting, dancing, drawing, foreign languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian) and has participated in numerous international competitions and has held pride of place. #roadtomissuniverse #missukraineuniverse2017 #missuniverse #pageantwinner #missuniverse2017 #pageant #misselena #mosukrainsnab

Publication of Miss Ukraine Universe Official (@missukraine_universe) Aug 11 2017 3:04 PDT



👸🏽”Miss Ukraine-universe 2017″ – Yana Krasnikova @yanakrasni I runner-up – Karina Komichnaya @cherrykaryna II Vice-Miss – Veronica Sherstyuk @sherstyuk_vv III Vice-Miss – Kristina Khomchenko @kristina_7077 IV Vice-Miss – Rima Mkrtchyan @riri3333333 #roadtomissuniverseukraine #roadtomissuniverse #missuniverse #missuniverse2017 #missosology #missukraineuniverse2017 Miss Ukraine Universe is Yana Krasnikova 1st Runner-Up is Karyna Komyshna 2nd Runner-Up is Veronika Sherstyuk 3rd Runner-Up is Kristina Khomchenko 4th Runner-Up is Rimma Mkrtchyan 👸🏽💙

Publication of Miss Ukraine Universe Official (@missukraine_universe) Aug 11 2017 12:19 PDT

Informed The Correspondent.net reported that miss USA this year was chosen as a nuclear physicist Kara Maccaro.


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