4-5 Jan protesters in Kiev burned tires and blocked the road at the police station, demanding impartial investigation into the murder

Photo: UA: KHERSON / Facebook

Law enforcement officers conducted an internal investigation regarding the actions of employees kakhovskogo police Department in connection with the murder of a local resident, said on 13 January, the press service of the Main Directorate of the National police in Kherson region.

“The leadership of the regional Central Directorate of police appointed to conduct an internal investigation against the head of Kakhovka police Department and employees who were directly related to the investigation of a murder that happened on new year’s night in the city of Kakhovka. Following an investigation, three officers removed from their posts, three dismissed from bodies of internal Affairs, in respect of the three employees subject to disciplinary sanction in the form of incomplete service conformity of a post”, – is told in the message.

As noted by the head of police of the Kherson region Alexander Prokudin, in relation to the police “used the strictest discipline”.

In particular, dismissed the leadership of the Kakhovka police Department.

“With regard to the duty officer and responsible from the management, who were in the daily assignment on the day of the murder, as well as in relation to the investigator in which manufacture there was a production of the murder of men subject to disciplinary sanction in the form of incomplete official compliance of a post. Members of the investigative team, namely the investigator and the operative of criminal investigation Department who were on call for the murder of a man, is dismissed from internal Affairs bodies of Ukraine”, – said the press service.

In addition, the senior inspector of gun control in the licensing system Kakhovka police Department, which at the time of the crime was in the company of the suspect, were also dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies of Ukraine. The results of the internal investigation regarding the latter, the materials are sent to the State Bureau of investigation Ukraine.

According to investigators, the morning of January 1 26-the summer inhabitant of Kakhovka Volodymyr Chebykin drunk came to his ex-wife and “provoked conversation,” her current spouse. Between men there was a conflict during which Chebukin allegedly shot towards the opponent from the traumatic gun, but not hurt him. The owner of the house made in response to several shots from a carbine. Chebukin was wounded and hospitalized. Two days later, he died in the hospital.

January 4, the court arrested the 29-year-old man, who, under the version of militiamen, shot Chebukina, for 60 days. He is suspected of murder. It is a former detective who worked in law enforcement until 2012. With him and ex-wife murdered in the house was an active member of the Kakhovka district police station.

The national police reported that during the investigation law enforcement discharged of performance of official duties, the state Bureau of investigation has opened proceedings under article 365 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (abuse of authority by a law enforcement officer).

Relatives believe that the police can be involved in the murder. The victim’s mother Elena Chebukina told reporters that the surgeons extracted from the body of her son bullets from three weapons. According to relatives Chebukina, he came to the house of the former wife after he received an SMS message that will be able to see my son “only in court”.

As writes the Internet-the edition “the Bridge”, the police officer who was at the scene of the murder, passed a polygraph study, which showed that he didn’t shoot Chebukina.

After the death Chebukina in Kakhovka began to protest. 4-5 January, the protesters burned tires and blocked the road at the police station, demanding impartial investigation.

January 6, the press service of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine reported that a group of prosecutors Office will lead the investigation into the murder in Kakhovka and to supervise state criminal proceedings.