Mukharsky said that left Ukraine and is going to seek political asylum

Mukharsky said that his claim is not addressed nearly four years

Photo: Ann Muharsky / Facebook

Ukrainian actor and showman Antin mukharsky said in Facebook that he was forced to leave Ukraine.

“If you are reading this, then I have crossed the state border of Ukraine and are in one of the countries of Europe, where, most likely, will soon ask for political asylum. This decision was completely spontaneous, because I’m up to the last minutes of your stay in Ukraine waited and believed that I will hear those officials to whom I spoke personally and who are responsible for the observance of the law in this country,” he wrote.

Your departure from Ukraine he associated with the claims of a financial nature ex-wife, the TV presenter Snezhana Egorova. He divorced her in 2016. They have three children: Andrew (2006), Arina (2010) and Ivan (2012).

In January 2018, it became known about arrest of property of Muharsk because of the debt Egorova 400 thousand UAH of alimony.

“May 20, 2014 I went to Obolon district court of the original claim for reconsideration of the amount of alimony specified in the contract, and the determination of the order of the visits with children. But this claim is still not considered”, – said the showman.

He also stated that he became “main malicious alimony” and complained of supported by the Verkhovna Rada on 7 December amendments to legislative acts concerning strengthening the protection of the rights of the child on proper maintenance.

“Under the new policy, public and private artists may elect to establish the child support debtors, the prohibition of travel abroad, take driving license and right to use weapons (that is, the right to self-defense), deliver to the contractor in handcuffs in the paddy wagon, sent to social jobs, and even imprisonment, thereby violating not only the Constitution but also the Geneva Convention,” said mukharsky.

4 January 2018 document was signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

On 5 February the Ministry of justice has launched a Unified online registry of debtors. It contains more than 75 thousand electronic record of defaulters of the alimony. Among them – deputies, officials and representatives of power structures.

In 2017 mukharsky married the art critic Elizabeth Belsky.

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