Some returning fighters in Germany send to court

Photo: EPA

In the years 1060 extremists left Germany and went to Syria or Iraq to join the ISIS, about a third of them returned to Germany. This is stated in the reply of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany at the request of the Agency dpa.

At least 100 people from returning actively participated in combat or received military training, according to the interior Ministry.

All returnees are under the supervision of the police, some are trial, said the Ministry.

The authorities, in addition to criminal prosecution of the ex-militants, are working their deradicalization and reintegration into society.

Since 2014, the terrorist organization ISIS has captured large parts of Iraq, and later extended its influence to Syria. At the beginning of 2017, the group suffered a crushing defeat by the forces of the antiterrorist coalition in Iraq. US President, Donald trump declared victory over the militants of the “Islamic state” in Syria, 19 December 2018, however, pockets of resistance in this country remained until the spring of 2019.