Nicky Valentine rose admitted that he made the first plastic surgery at the age of 21









The British model, claiming that she has the biggest Breasts in the country, is going to increase it. As informs edition Daily Mail, doctors warn about the dangers of this solution.

A resident of London Nicky Valentine rose (Nicki Valentina Rose) admitted that made the first plastic surgery five years ago, when she was 21. Initially she was a size two, but after she repeatedly inserted the implants, it rose to ninth. Just for a breast augmentation rose has spent 40 thousand pounds.

In addition, the girl made three operations for the correction of the shape of the nose, as she was teased in school, and 15 times increased the lips.

Rose admits that because of the large forms facing problems while driving, shaving the underarms and during sleep: she could only lie on my stomach. Despite this, the model wants to insert new implants and breast augmentation with 3250 cubic inches to 5,000 cubic inches. She also thinks about buttock augmentation and the removal of several ribs.

Doctors warn that because of such operations, the model can appear back pain and chronic fatigue syndrome.

“I am very happy that I have such a chest, I dreamed about it since childhood. Before surgery I thought I was grey and uninteresting, I wanted to stand out, to be happy and increase self-esteem,” explained the model.

Rose noted that the friends react differently to her fascination with plastic surgery: someone’s excited for her, and someone thinks crazy. Strangers often ask the model to take a picture together, and it’s a little annoying.

Recall that an American suffers from abnormal breast size.

We also wrote that 24-year-old girl spent a fortune to look like Angelina Jolie, but something went wrong.

In addition, it was reported that the Frenchman increased the lips to giant size to be like Marilyn Monroe. The man is convinced that regular injections of Botox bring it closer to the ideal. Laughing at him on the street, close to begging him to stop, but the guy is adamant.

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