The coach of Dynamo commented on the victory of Kiev in the Ukrainian Cup final.

The head coach of the Kiev Dynamo Alex Mickle at the postgame press conference after the final of the Cup of Ukraine paid tribute to the opponent, praised the officiating and talked about the staffing situation in the team.

“It was a real Cup game, which was attended by intrigue, nerves, missed opportunities, mistakes, extra time and penalties. It was a real Cup final. I want to thank Yuri Maximov and his team because they showed once again – no matter where the team plays in the Premier League or other championship. For the Cup have the right to fight everything and everyone has a chance to win it,” said Mickle.

The coach of Dinamo said why the Orphan took the place, and Denis Popov was not even in the application, as well as what caused the exit Verbicha in the attack.

“Denis Popov was not on the list because he hasn’t held any classes in the group, he works on an individual plan. But the priests could not arrive at a final and disqualified Pivaric and Kargbo and Burda, which are not included in the application. It’s all about our magazine and we hope that soon the priests will get to work in the General group.

As for Orphans, the guy had a good chance. We know him as a good player with a good mentality, and the fact that he had a bad previous match with Shakhtar, gave us the opportunity to use it in today’s game. In my opinion, we were not mistaken. Of course, he had mistakes, but they were at all. If you take the General level, he played pretty good for his first game in the Ukrainian Cup final.

About forward, I chose this tactic because he felt that Verbic will be more effective currently in the game. And what will happen – we’ll see. We can’t build a strategy on the three games ahead. So enough work for everyone. Most importantly, we have implemented what we have,” said the coach.

Asked Mickle and the work of the referee team headed by Catherine Mosul.

“I’ll be honest – I better appreciate the game of his team. I realize that today is influenced by the voltage of the Cup game and quickly missed the ball. But I think we could solve the issue of the Cup, without bringing the situation to a penalty. The Vorskla, in my opinion, were the prerequisites for chances to score on counterattacks. But these chances, which we had, they did not create,” said the coach.

Note that Mickle won the fifth trophy as coach of Dynamo.

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