Merkel re-elected to the Bundestag

The German Chancellor has congratulated on his election victory, the President of France Emmanuel macron

Angela Merkel AFP photo

German Chancellor and CDU leader Angela Merkel re-elected to the Bundestag in single-mandate constituency in Mecklenburg, while the result was much lower in comparison with the previous elections (44% vs. 56%), follows from the data of the German Central election Commission.

In second place in the district where he ran Merkel, the candidate of the “Alternative for Germany” life-Erik Holm from 19.2%.

Merkel was elected from this district since 1990 and had never lost once. The lowest result stood at 37.6% (in 1998, when the CDU lost the Federal elections), the highest – 56,2% (2013).


  • In Berlin, held a spontaneous protest

The German Chancellor has congratulated on his election victory, the President of France Emmanuel macron. “I called Angela Merkel to congratulate her. We are determined to continue our cooperation, significant for Europe and for our countries”, – he wrote in Twitter.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, member of the SPD, Sigmar Gabriel, in turn, has won in the district of Salzgitter-Wolfenbuttel. Social democratic party of Germany scored in this County 42.8% of the votes. In the second place the Christian democratic Union (CDU) from 29.1%. For the “Alternative for Germany” voted for 11.9% of voters for “Left” 6.0 percent for the Free democratic party 4.7% and the “Green” of 4.3%.

We will remind, in Germany, announced preliminary results of the exit polls conducted on election to the Bundestag.

According to them, the CDU/CSU led by Angela Merkel, gained 32.5%. Obviously, Merkel will become Chancellor in the new government of Germany.

In second place – the social Democrats, led by Martin Schulz, they got 20%.

Third place was taken by right-wing radicals of the party Alternative for Germany, they were 13.5%. As you know, the ADN does not hide Pro-Russian sentiment and declares the intention to cancel the sanctions imposed against Russia.

The survey was commissioned by public television ZDF gives other data, but the distribution of seats the same. According to them, the party Merkel 33.5% and the social Democrats 21% of ADN – 13%.

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