Merkel began her election tour

During his tour of the country, the head of the Christian democratic Union plans to visit 50 locations

Angela Merkel. Photo: AFP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel began her election tour 6 weeks before the voting day, Saturday, with a visit to Dortmund. About it reports UKRINFORM.

“The election has not yet been resolved,” she said in her speech.

Despite the fact that the rating of a block of conservative Christian parties – the CDU and CSU, now the high and the gap from competitors is large, you should not relax.

During his tour of the country, the head of the Christian democratic Union, plans to visit 50 towns.

The third of September, to be held the first and only televised debate, Merkel and the candidate of the Social Democratic party, Martin Schulz, who leads his campaign for many weeks, while his main rival quietly been on vacation in the Italian Alps.

In a speech in Dortmund Merkel dwelled on the subject of cars, diesel has mentioned the scandal, noting that the credibility of the industry “destroyed by sweeping dust under the carpet”. Merkel urged automakers to correct the mistakes and promised assistance from the state.

Held this week, the survey showed that the satisfaction of the Germans work their Chancellor fell by as much as 10 percentage points to 59%. Analysts attribute this to the scandals plaguing the auto industry in the country.

Previously , the network has blown up photo of “the unfortunate” Merkel on holiday in Italy.

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