Victor Medvedchuk has given advice on what to do to maintain power in Ukraine


Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice — the Right people,” commented on the information allegedly in relation to the introduction of sanctions of the United States, promulgated by the people’s Deputy from the bloc BPP Ivan Vinnik.

“Against me are already sanctions several years ago, introduced by the United States of America. These sanctions are a tool of political persecution for my hard and principled stand, directed against external control, which Washington imposed in Ukraine since 2014. And I will continue to fight against policies aimed at the continuation of armed confrontation in the Donbass, against attempts at any price to disrupt the exchanges of detained persons. I will defend the idea of a peaceful settlement in the East of Ukraine, which is so not like US, will defend the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine”, — said Medvedchuk.

“And winnick and the like of the MFP should be included finally brains, if they are to understand we must not entertain illusions about the sanctions against me resulting from waslenko-sensitivity of my work (hysterical obsasyvanie Vinnik covered with dust “sanctions history”, which is nothing new and original, only shows his personal helplessness and inferiority caused by the fact of my existence). Instead, they need to begin to fight against external control, imposed by the United States in Ukraine. Because for them it is the only way to stay in power. And the sooner they realize this, the higher their chances of survival. I’m the only one struggling with external control of the United States for the restoration of the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, and this fight is only needed to maintain power. There will be enough the same winnick and like him, mind and time to understand it, remains in question,” said Medvedchuk.