Media called the cause of death of su-24 in Syria

System crashed in Syrian su-24 was not translated in position “off”, the aircraft accelerated to 400 km per hour, but the chance to take off from the runway he was not, a source told the newspaper “Kommersant”.

A Russian su-24 on the base Hamim in Syria goes on a sortie. October 3, 2015. Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

Front-line bomber su-24 crashed on the air base in Syria Hamim on 10 October, tried to fly at a time when aircraft systems were in the so-called newsitem position.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, a preliminary analysis allows to conclude that the systems of the bomber were not translated into takeoff position, in particular, are not prepared to separation from the runway was the stabilizer, slats and flaps.

It could happen, continued the source, both because of crew errors, and due to technical failure . “For example, indicators in the cockpit showed that the plane is ready for takeoff, a stabilizer, flaps and slats in the mode “off” not translated was,” the newspaper said.

The pilots until the last moment tried to levitate a car, speeding up to speeds of 400 km per hour, but in this situation, the aircraft “had no chance” to take off, the newspaper notes. As a result, it skidded off the runway, the front landing gear snapped and the plane hit the ground, and then caught fire and exploded. The pilots had to strike control centers and weapons depots of radical Islamists in the province of Deir ez-Zor, the car was fully fueled and loaded with weapons.

Killing the pilots captain Yuri Medvedkov and captain Yuri Kopylov. They were considered experienced pilots, had a lot of experience piloting these machines, including the small, ultra-low altitudes, at night and in adverse weather conditions.

Directly after the disaster, the defense Ministry said that the cause of the crash bomber could be a technical failure, but the details in the statement of defence was not.

The crashed bomber was the second machine of this type lost in Syria. 24 November, the Turkish F-16 fighter was shot down by missiles “air — air” Russian su-24 bomber, which participated in peacekeeping operations. The Turkish authorities claimed that the plane violated the country’s airspace, but Moscow denied it. The plane went down in Syria, the commander of crew Oleg Peshkov was shot from the ground, the pilot was saved. During the rescue operation killed another Russian soldier.

This incident led to a crisis in Russian-Turkish relations, which the parties partially settled in a few months.

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In Syria, the Russian su-24 aircraft skidded off the strip during takeoff. The crew was killed

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